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Yard sale at Crest

While doint this year's spring cleaning, we discovered that there is plenty of usefull stuff just laying around our center. And ofcourse we decided to give it away.

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Flyboarding at Crest

It's one of a kind flying experience. You swim, you fly, and you land back in the water.

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Welcome our new team member

With so many things we have prepared for you here at Crest, there is one more news left to share.

Please welcome a new member of our team, Phil Symonds – GB wakeboarding and ski instructor.

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We are Legion!

The famous event kicks off on Cyprus.

And our Crest team is more that happy to test their skills and team skills on a Legion course.

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Mirko and Djordje charity sailing

Crest organized charity sailing to help Marjanovic family back in Serbia. And this is what happens, when we all work together!

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Yachts at Crest Centre

It is time to leave your troubles on the shore and just go for it. Check out Mirko going for his yacht practise.

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Our rider sailing

See our rider France Login as he is taking his friend for a spin on a Hobie 15

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Young gun

Even the youngest can do it. If you don't believe it, check those videos.

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Aquaball. Fun to watch, but even more fun to get inside one of those.

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