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Windsurfing at Crest

It's all about the search of that perfect wind. This winter the search is on!

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Wakesurfing in Crest

The weather looks very good for the next week and forecast promises flat water. Here is something to get you in proper mood!

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Water skiing in Cyprus

New Year's fever is going down and we have some time to go through a number of videos we have in our archives.

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Happy New 2014

One more year behind and more year to go. It's as they say: the way you meet new year will be the way you live it!

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Christmas sale!

Yes, we know Christmas is still a month away but we can't wait, because we have so much stuff in our Liquid Force shop to share. Check it up!

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2014 team wanted

Most wanted

Though Crest Watersports center will stayed opened through winter, but summer season 2013 is almost over.

But no time to get lazy, because we are allready prepairing for the next year.

That's why, if you want to join us and become a part of the team, don't think twice and write us now!

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